Warburton Rainforest by Dan Farrar

Warburton Rainforest is one of those places we get drawn back to time and time again. It is probably one of the first places we visited after buying our first Aussie car back in 2015. That first time was to visit the Rainforest Gallery which although only a short walk is worth the visit, if mostly for the drive up. The drive to Warburton takes a little over an hour and takes you up through the Yarra Valley. It’s the last 10 minutes up Donna Buang Road however that are the most spectacular.

Surrounded on all sides by towering eucalyptus forest and ancient ferns, the winding road up the mountain is pretty memorable and more than once I parked up to take photographs. As well as the scenery, the smells are intoxicating. Being from the UK, we don’t have anything that really compares to eucalyptus. It is just the stuff you smell when you have a cold. In Australia, and on Donna Buang Road, it is the stuff you smell inside the car, as it permeates through the air conditioning. It is incredible.

As well as the forest, there is also an observation tower at the top of Mount Donna Buang with views out in all directions. En-route to the top and just off the road, is free natural spring where water bottles can be filled.

We haven’t been back up for a while, but I am certain it won’t be long before we do. Here are some images from our trips.

Flinders Blowhole and Bushrangers Bay by Dan Farrar

When time allows we like to drag our two boys out to see bits of Victoria. Back in October we decided we would head down to Flinders and take a look at the Flinders Blowhole and Bushrangers Bay. The Blowhole, or at least the surrounding coastline, is pretty impressive and an easy, albeit steep, walk down from the car park.

Bushrangers Bay on the other hand is spectacular. The walk down is about 2.5km through bushland on a track only suitable for walking (i.e. no prams). The majority is pretty straight forward with a only a few hilly sections and there are no views of the destination until the latter section of the walk. It is however, worth the wait, the bay is a pretty incredible sight.

The last 200 metres or so of the path is about 50 metres (vertically), down a set of steps, bringing you out onto the edge of the beach beside Main Creek. The creek needs to be crossed to get to the rest of the beach. Because of the state of the sea, it wasn’t safe for the kids to go in, but they enjoyed playing in the shallow creek, despite its cold temperature.

Although we didn’t get there, there are some rock pools suitable for swimming at the south end of the beach.

After carrying our (at the time) 3 year old on my shoulders the full 2.5 kilometres down from the car to the beach, the walk back was inevitably going to be exactly the same. We left the beach sometime after 4pm and midway through the walk we noticed other walkers in front, stopped and looking out into the trees. This was followed by dozens of kangaroos hopping across the path only 5-10 metres in front of us. This happened on a couple of occasions on the way back to the car and nicely capped off our visit to Bushrangers.

The British Museum, London by Dan Farrar

Back in the time before kids we used to live in Central London and the British Museum was on our doorstep. We only visited the Great Court by Foster and Partners on this occasion but it is a pretty interesting space encapsulated by the iconic glass roof and central Reading Room. It is well worth a visit if you are in town, even if you don’t see any of the exhibits.

For some more pictures click this link: Great Court, Flickr
For more information click this link: Great Court, Foster and Partners

Roses Gap, The Grampians by Dan Farrar

Whilst working on a shoot Field Office Architecture, we were given the keys to the subject house for a few nights. What better way to shoot a project than to actually stay there. It was our first time out in the Grampians and whilst our sightseeing was curtailed by the shoot and a car-sick toddler, we did get to explore the area around the house and some of those images are in the gallery below.

For pictures of the house click this link:- Roses Gap House

The Bierpinsel, Berlin by Dan Farrar

This is the Bierpinsel. Built in the Steglitz neighbourhood of Berlin in the 70’s, it is so called because it looks like a beer brush. Over it’s life it has functioned as a night club and restaurant but has been shut since 2006. The paint job is a result of Turmkunst 2010, where a number of graffiti artists painted the exterior.

For a few more images, click here : Bierpinsel, Berlin

The Neues Museum, Berlin by Dan Farrar

Back in 2012 we travelled to Berlin to pay a visit to some friends. Whilst there we were lucky enough to visit David Chipperfield’s refurbishment of the Neues Museum, and it is pretty spectacular.

These are some of the pictures from the visit, click the following link to see some more:- Neues Museum, Berlin.